Propath Media is leading the way in Internet Marketing...


Our unique technology along with our advertising and merchandising solutions provides the ideal platform for you to maximize the monetary potential of your subscriber base, cultivate brand recognition and increase revenue streams. Pro Path Media has the expertise and technology to help you effectively add the internet to your marketing mix.

Why Propath?

Advanced Technology:
Pro Path Media is a forerunner in marketing technology.  Our proven platform can be leveraged as a subscription service for customers or as a means to increase lead profitability or both.  Clear and simple reporting along with real-time tracking ensures top performance and increased ROI.


We recognize the need for investing in technology in this space and have spared no expense.  Time is money and we have covered all of the bases.  List maintenance is streamlined to ensure compliance while removing any time-consuming manual labor.


Add this on top of our personalized clientele care and supreme customer service and that puts Pro Path Media clearly in a leadership role in the mobile marketing space ensuring a positive experience for you and your customers.

About Us

Pro Path Media is a leading provider of merchandising, marketing, and advertising solutions.  Our custom technology provides a unique avenue to broaden brand recognition, drive content consumption and increase overall revenue.

As demands for marketing increase daily, Pro Path Media will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting and retaining consumers with fresh content that drives customer interaction.  As the requirement for access to media, news and deals has grown so has our ability to deliver relevant offers and merchandising based on consumer response.  It is more important now than ever before to understand consumer behavior and deliver the right message at the right time to your customer base.

Pro Path Media delivers quality service, amazing revenue results, a robust proprietary platform, and a commitment to foster relationships with and among our advertisers and publishers.